Short Bio written by Sean Cole:

Beer city's own Jason Klandrud came up in Milwaukee's early 2000's punk scene. He's played in many bands of that era including Eine Kleine Chinmuzik, Bob Ucker, and Rich People. Members include players from notable bands from said scene, the Modern Machines, Holy Shit!, and Tenement. Soon Jason grew tired of the brutal winters and in 2012 he packed his meager belongings and headed to the land of sunshine and superior Mexican food. San Pedro, CA. He became fast friends with the punk rock locals. Mike Watt has been quoted as saying "he's one well-mannered little dude!" Not long after moving to town he formed a supergroup called the Lost Notes with Raul Morales of Mike Watt and the Missingmen fame on drums and Trevor Rounseville of Underground Railroad to Candyland on bass. The trio pounded out some 'mats inspired gems. Due to the schedules of Jason's fellow bandmates, the Lost Notes have had a hard time gaining momentum. At that point Mr. Klandrud decided to christen himself "Jason Paul" and pursue his passion of performing solo with my acoustic guitar. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, JP pours his soul out with Dylan-esque verbiage and a proletariat heart. His strumming prowess would make Guthrie proud. His yodel harkens back to the great Hank Williams or even Buddy Holly. Don't be mistaken though, Paul's tunes aren't just regurgitations of antiquity. Everything rings fresh, urgent and relevant to his experiences and our current times. Don't miss a chance to check out a real American artist, playing straight unadulterated music that most would file under folk.

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